Akku-Uvrtač za vijke ASCS 6,3 Select

Applications :
Torque optimised cordless screwgun for fixing metal with screw diameters of up to 6.3 mm

Properties :
Powerful battery for over 150 fixings in sheet steel Electronic torque shut-off for precise results even without depth control Maintenance-free, brushless motor with a very high degree of efficiency Tested for over 500,000 single fixings  Over 1000 recharge cycles per battery pack Extremely low weight Optimum ergonomics with pistol handle for high contact pressure Powerful up to 30 Nm

Technical specifications :
Battery voltage: 18 V Load speed: 0-1500 rpm Idle speed: 0-1700 rpm Max. torque (hard/soft): 30/10 Nm Quick change chuck: 1/4“ Screws: Ø 6.3 mm Battery pack: X

More information on : www.ejot.de

Akku-Schrauber ASCS 6,3 Select
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