Duster Expert SDS plus

Applications :
Concrete Aerated concrete Granite Sand-lime brick Clinker brick Aerated concrete Marble Masonry Stone

Properties :
Dust is removed directly in the drill hole Simple usage and reliable anchor installation: Removes dust almost completely - subsequent cleaning of the drill hole is redundant Cheap solution for the end user: Saves time during drill hole and / or environment cleaning Same robustness and comparable performance as a standard drill Universal and flexible usage with SDS-plus hammers and commercial vacuum cleaners

Technical specifications :
Drive: SDS plus® Recommended performance features for vacuum cleaners Industrial vacuum cleaner class M Hose length up to 5 m Performance P ≥ 1,400 W Volume flow rate v ≥ 40 l/sec Reduced pressure p ≥ 230 mbar automatic clean filter

More information on : www.ejot.de

Duster Expert SDS plus 16x250x370
SKU: 9251625370
Duster Expert SDS plus 12x200x320
SKU: 9251220320
Duster Expert SDS plus 14x250x370
SKU: 9251425370
Duster Expert SDS plus 20x250x370
SKU: 9252025370
Duster Expert SDS plus 8x150x270
SKU: 9250815270
Duster Expert SDS plus 10x150x270
SKU: 9251015270