EJOFAST Samobušeći vijak za podužno spajanje lima Inox JF3-2H-4,8

Applications :
Side lap stitching of profiled steel/aluminium sheet and sandwich panel Suitable for installation with the EJOFAST® JF screwdriver        

Properties :
A2 stainless steel with innovative point geometry Stainless steel sealing washer Pre-assembled sealing washer With free spin zone under screw head for side lap stitching Non-skid application Fastening without swarf        

Technical specifications :
Drilling capacity tI + tII: 0.88 + 0.88 mm Drive: Hexagon AF8        

More information on : www.ejot.de

SKU: 3591911391
JF3-2H-4,8x19-E14 VE100
SKU: 6591977391
SKU: 3591977391