EJOPLAST Zaptivna masa

Applications :
For sealing the pipe flashing

Properties :
EJOPLAST is a single-component universal sealant based on polycarboxylic acid copolymeric base. EJOPLAST can be cleaned with standard detergents, but not with solvents. EJOPLAST hardens through the evaporation of solvents and is impervious to water from the beginning because it forms an immediate skin. The surface is adhesive-free after 20-30 minutes (depending on temperature), likewise immediately after contact with water (e.g. by planing). EJOPLAST adheres to all conventional materials such as steel, aluminium, copper, brass, glass, wood, ceramic, bitumen, concrete, masonry, plaster, plexiglas, tiles, roof tiles, polyester, roofing paper, etc. Smooth, non-porous substructures may even be wet, while porous surface should be dry.

More information on : www.ejot.de

EJOPLAST 310 ml klar
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