EJOT ejotherm STR-tool 2GS

Applications :
Specially developed tool for countersunk installation of ejotherm STR U 2G according to the EJOT STR principle Also compatible for use with ejotherm STR U und ejotherm STR H and STR H A2 For reliable and easy Installation according to the EJOT STR principle For all insulation boards

Properties :
Adjustment shaft with hex shank for easy use with standard drills Patented mechanism enables quick and easy adjustment to the required anchor length Easy conversion from ejotherm STR tool 2GS for surface fixed installation Robust design for long service life Worn parts can be changed quickly Set contains: ejotherm STR-tool 2GS, additional cutting discs, offset screw driver as well as bits for all applications

More information on : www.ejot.de

ejotherm STR-tool 2GS
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