EJOT Fasadni Tipl sa Vijkom SDF-KB-10H/M8

Applications :
Embedment of support profiles with steel rods for rainscreen applications Embedment of suspended ceilings Fastening of threaded sleeves Thickness of the non-load carrying render layer ttol: For anchor length 80 mm: 0-10 mm* For anchor length 100 mm: 0-30 mm* Note   Please note the European Technical Approval ETA-10/0305 in your planning and in the processing of the products. Further information about parameters and loads can be found in the approval under the tab "Download".   * The load-carrying capacity and the influence of larger embedment depths in hollow or perforated brick (hnom > 70 mm) and/or different stones (acc. to ETA-10/0305 with regards to stone size, compression strength and hole pattern) has to be determined by tests on the building.          

Properties :
Approved for all common building materials Reliable hold in problematic building material due to optimised expansion part Secure hold due to radial expansion Product identification through different sleeve colours Double safety lock against torsion for secure installation        

Technical specifications :
Characteristic values Drill hole depth ≥ t: 90 mm Effective embedment depth: hnom: ≥ 70 mm Drill-hole diameter d0: 10 mm Clearance hole in the connected assembly part: drill hole diameter df: ≤ 10.5 mm Drive: A/F13 Length M8 threaded connection: 13 mm Characteristic loads Tensile load NRk,p in concrete C12/15 Temperature range 30 °C / 50 °C: 4.50 kN Temperature range 50 °C / 80 °C: 4.00 kN Brick Mz 20-1.8, NF: 4.00 kN Solid lime sand brick KS 36, NF: 4.50 kN Solid lime sand brick KS 20, 8 DF: 4.50 kN Solid lightweight concrete brick V6, 2 DF: 4.50 kN Vertically perforated brick HLz 12-0.9, NF: 2.00 kN Perforated lime sand brick KSL 12,4 DF: 2.50 kN Cavity block tile made of lime concrete Hbl 10, 12 DF 1.20 kN Transverse load VRk,s Anchor with stainless steel screw A4: 10.91 kN Bending moment MRk,s Anchor with stainless steel screw A4: 20.62 kN        

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