EJOT Iso-Dart

Applications :
The EJOT Iso-Dart is a constructive fastening system comprising one installation bush made of plastic including sealing washer and one facade anchor (Ø 8 mm).    EJOT Iso-Dart comprising: 1 installation bush 1 sealing washer 1 EJOT facade anchor        

Properties :
EJOT Iso-Dart for retrofitting light to medium heavy mounted parts to ETICS facades made of EPS, mineral wool and mineral foam. With the EJOT Iso-Dart add-on parts can be mounted by taking up common coarse thread screws Ø 9 mm or hanger bolts Ø 9 mm with neck thread M10, e.g.: Downpipe brackets Signs and billboards Folding shutter locking mechanism Lamps etc.        

Technical specifications :
High load-bearing capacity by anchoring to the substrate Reduces the thermal transmission by thermal decoupling (Chi value 0,002 W/K acc. to TR025) Waterproofing against the plaster shell with high-quality EPDM seal Inspection of the resistance to driving rain in accordance with DIN EN 12155 Easy and quick installation        

More information on : www.ejot.de

EJOT Iso-Dart 80
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EJOT Iso-Dart 180
SKU: 8500180440
EJOT Iso-Dart 240
SKU: 8500240440
EJOT Iso-Dart 220
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EJOT Iso-Dart 140
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EJOT Iso-Dart 100
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EJOT Iso-Dart 200
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EJOT Iso-Dart 260
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EJOT Iso-Dart 160
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EJOT Iso-Dart 120
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EJOT Iso-Dart 280
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