EJOT Krovni Tipl HTK 2G

Applications :
To secure roofing membrane to substructures made of trapezoidal steel profiles, timber and wood-based materials For new buildings and renovations For special requirements of resistance to imposed loads Limits cold bridging For installation with EJOT® ECOset tools        

Properties :
High-grade plastic material Telescope design for resistance to imposed loads Available loosely pre-assembled or collated        

Technical specifications :
For combination with EJOT roof drilling screws Dabo® TKR-4.8, Dabo® TKE-4.8 or Dabo® VHT-R-4.8        

More information on : www.ejot.de

HTK-2G L 115
SKU: 8587115070
HTK-2G L 275
SKU: 8587275070
HTK-2G L 095
SKU: 8587095070
HTK-2G L 035
SKU: 8587035070
HTK-2G L 325
SKU: 8587325070
HTK-2G L 185
SKU: 8587185070
SKU: 8587015070
HTK-2G L 225
SKU: 8587225070
HTK-2G L 055
SKU: 8587055070
HTK-2G L 145
SKU: 8587145070