EJOT Pričvršćivač Termike DH-Dvodelan

Applications :
For fixing insulating material in the rear ventilated facade (VHF). Advantages Prevents "quilt effect" (indentations in the insulation) with retrofitting of the washer Prevents gaping of the joints between the individual insulation panels at the joining edges Packing and handling volume is reduced by over 60% compared to one-part insulation support anchors Installation depth limiter guarantees defined installation independent of the substrate Equal installation depth for masonry and concrete prevents wrong orders. High-quality plastic material guarantees process reliable installation even with thick insulation For efficient and flexible storage

Properties :
Order descriptions correspond to the High-grade plastic material easy installation with no additional expansion element All-purpose for all building materials flexible stress plate Reduced "quilt effect", due to defined installation depth Minimal packing volume Minimal effort needed to drive in the anchor

Technical specifications :
Drill bit diameter: 8 mm Drill hole depth ≥ t: 40 mm Embedment depth ≥ hv: 30 mm Disc washer diameter: 90 mm Thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.0001 W/K Carrying capacity (pull over washer): 0.2 kN

More information on : www.ejot.de

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