EJOT Pričvršćivač Termike DH-Jednodelan

Applications :
For fixing insulating material in the rear ventilated facade (VHF). Note The EJOT® insulation support anchors are used to fasten soft and hard insulating material in rear ventilated facades. For soft insulation, such as rock or mineral wool, it needs to be considered that the plate diameter is at least 80 mm. The insulation board fastening is carried-out according to DIN 18516-1.        

Properties :
High-grade plastic material easy installation with no additional expansion element All-purpose for all building materials flexible stress plate reduces "quilt effect"        

Technical specifications :
Characteristic values Drill bit diameter: 8 mm Drill hole depth ≥ t: 40 mm embedment depth ≥ hv: 20 mm masonry embedment depth = hv: 40 mm Disc washer diameter: 90 mm        

More information on : www.ejot.de

DH-40 (einteilig)
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