EJOT Samobušeći vijak FD2R

Applications :
For fixing reinforced steel up to 3.0 mm in PVC windows with tight fitting reinforcement Mounting of fittings

Properties :
Burglary-resistant (RC2) Roll-sorted quality for automated fastening Under-head serrations for easy countersinking of the screw head in PVC Case-hardened steel

Technical specifications :
Head diameter: 7.5 mm Drive: cross recess PH 2 Thread type: ST thread

More information on : www.ejot.de

Bohrschraube FD2R 3,9x25°
SKU: 7282604607
Bohrschraube FD2R 3,9x16°
SKU: 7282603601
Bohrschraube FD2R 3,9x13°
SKU: 7282616601
Bohrschraube FD2R 3,9x19°
SKU: 7282605607
Bohrschraube FD2R 3,9x32°
SKU: 7282606607
Bohrschraube FD2R 3,9x16°
SKU: 7282603607