EJOT Sanacioni Vijak Typ RS-HT

Applications :
Especially suited for fixing PVC windows to old wood frames

Properties :
fast and efficient window exchange the interior surface (render, wallpaper ...) stays undamaged the screw can be fastened directly into the wood, no pre-drilling required

Technical specifications :
Head diameter: 9.5 mm Drive: Phillips PH 2 Thread type: HT-thread

More information on : www.ejot.de

Bohrschraube RS-HT 5,3x80/40
SKU: 7284059601
Bohrschraube RS-HT 5,3x35
SKU: 7284055601
Bohrschraube RS-HT 5,3x65/40
SKU: 7284058601
Bohrschraube RS-HT 5,3x55/40
SKU: 7284057601
Bohrschraube RS-HT 5,3x95/40
SKU: 7284060601