Applications :
The EJOT SLK-Set F is a heavy-duty console, with general building authorities approval, comprising black coloured, rot-proof and CFC-free PU rigid foam plastics (polyurethane) with four foamed steel consoles for the friction-locked bolting with the substrate, on an aluminium plate for the bolting of the assembly object as well as a compact plate (HPL), which guarantees an optimum pressure distribution on the surface. Tension rods made from fibre-reinforced plastic (polyamide) guarantee the necessary stability. Fastening in wall materials via chemical anchors. Dimensions Base: 250 x 150 mm Thicknesses D: 100 - 300 mm Compact sheet: 182 x 140 x 10 mm Effective area: 162x82 mm Thickness of aluminium plate: 15 mm Hole spacing: 224 x 112 mm Mass density PU: 350 kg/m3 EJOT SLK-Set C for fastening in concrete Injection mortar: EJOT mortar cartridge CA-V 300 Anchor rods: M 10 x 170 zinc-plated (incl. washer and nut) Drill hole diameter concrete: 12 mm Drilling depth in the substrate: 75 mm Embedment depth: 70 mm

Properties :
The EJOT SLK-Set is suitable for the thermal bridge-reduced subcontracted assembly in ETIC systems.  

Technical specifications :
cantilevers awnings porches  

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EJOT SLK-Set 100-C
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EJOT SLK-Set 220-C
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EJOT SLK-Set 300-C
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EJOT SLK-Set 240-C
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EJOT SLK-Set 280-C
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EJOT SLK-Set 180-C
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EJOT SLK-Set 200-C
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