EJOT TE 60/110

Applications :
For fastening External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems with problematic substrates To combine with EJOT SDF-S plus 8UB Available in two lengths With European Technical Assessment For surface fixed installation Can be combined with additional washers EJOT SBL 140 plus and EJOT VT 90 Washer diameter: 60 mm Special sealing plug made of polystyrene (EPS) included in the scope of supply

Technical specifications :
Shaft length EJOT TE 60/50: 50 mm Shaft length EJOT TE 60/110: 110 mm Washer Diameter: 60 mm Screw drive: TORX T30 Drill hole depth h1: ≥ 80 mm Embedment depth hef: ≥ 70 mm Point thermal transmission Χ EJOT TE 60/50 with insulation thicknesses 60 - 180 mm: 0.002 W/K Point thermal transmission Χ EJOT TE 60/110 with insulation thicknesses 120 - 150 mm: 0.00 W/K Point thermal transmission Χ EJOT TE 60/110 with insulation thicknesses 150 - 240 mm: 0.001 W/K European Technical Assessment: ETA-04/0064

More information on : www.ejot.de

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