Fasadni Tanjir VT 2G

Applications :
Specifically matched combination washer for ejotherm STR U 2G for countersunk installation into all mineral wool insulation boards WAP-zg (type WV)   ejotherm VT 2G continues to promote the countersunk installation acc. to STR principle in all mineral wool insulation boards with a low tensil strength WAP-zg (type WV) For homogeneous surfaces and even rendering With European Technical Approval (ETA)        

Properties :
Low point thermal transmission (Chi value 0.001 W/K) Reduced anchor marks No additional tool required Permanent contact pressure Anchor locates easily in the washer with a firm "click" 100% setting control        

Technical specifications :
Washer diameter: 110 mm German DIBt approval: Z-21.2-1769 European Technical Approval: ETA-04-0023  The quantity of anchors can be found in the mineral wool approvals for washers ≥90 mm..        

More information on : www.ejot.de

ejotherm VT 2G
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