Fasadni Tipl sa čeličnim klinom NT U

Applications :
Universal hammer-in anchor   For concrete, solid and perforated masonry (A, B, C) For all insulation boards With European Technical Approval (ETA)        

Properties :
Approved for concrete, solid and perforated masonry Solid steel nail (break-proof) Plastic injection moulding to reduce thermal transmission Can be used with an additional spreader washer Short embedment depths, reduced drilling High loads for your security Economic anchor usage Premounted nail for quick installation        

Technical specifications :
Anchor diameter: 8 mm Washer diameter: 60 mm Drill hole depth h1≥: 35 mm  Embedment depth hef≥: 25 mm Point thermal transmission χ: 0.002 W/K  Use categories ETA: A, B, C European Technical Approval: ETA-05/0009 Characteristic loads: Building material class A: Normal weight concrete C 12/15 acc. to EN 206-1: 1.2 kN Normal weight concrete C 16/20 - C 50/60 acc. to EN 206-1: 1.2 kN Building material class B: Clay bricks(Mz) acc. to DIN 105: 1.5 kN Solid lame sandstone (KS) acc. to DIN EN 106: 1.5 kN Solid masonry of lightweight concrete (V) acc. to DIN 18152: 0.5 kN Building material class C: Vertically perforated clay bricks (Hlz) acc. to DIN 105: 0.9 kN Sand-lime perforated bricks (KSL) acc. to DIN EN 106: 1.5 kN Lightweight concrete hollow blocks (HbL) acc. to DIN 18151: 0.5 kN        

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