Fasadni Tipl sa polyamidnim klinom NTK U

Applications :
Universal hammer-in anchor   For concrete, solid and perforated masonry (A, B, C) For all insulation boards With European Technical Approval (ETA)        

Properties :
Approved for concrete, solid and perforated masonry Upon installation, the washer face de-couples from the sleeve, ensuring a flush finish with the insulation surface Safe and smooth installation with built-in setting control through the EJOT telescope effect Zero thermal transmission Minimised risk of breaking nails due to fibre-reinforced composites Premounted expansion nail for quick installation        

Technical specifications :
Anchor diameter: 8 mm Washer diameter: 60 mm Drill hole depth h1 ≥: 50 mm  Embedment depth hef≥: 40 mm Point thermal transmission χ: 0.000 W/K  Use categories ETA: A, B, C German DIBt approval: Z-21.2-1844 European Technical Approval: ETA-07/0026 Characteristic loads: Building material class A: Normal weight concrete C 12/15 acc. to EN 206-1: 0.6 kN Normal weight concrete C 16/20 - C 50/60 acc. to EN 206-1: 0.9 kN Building material class B: Clay bricks (Mz) acc. to DIN 105: 0.9 kN Solid lame sandstone (KS) acc. to DIN EN 106: 0.9 kN Building material class C: Vertically perforated clay bricks (Hlz) acc. to DIN 105: 0.6 kN Sand-lime perforated bricks (KSL) acc. to DIN EN 106: 0.9 kN *For calculation of design loads the national safety factors have to be included (e.g. Germany: 3). Please observe the approval.        

More information on : www.ejot.de

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