Fasadni Tipl sa Vijkom STR H

Applications :
Screw fastener for countersunk and surface fixed installation for timber and some steel substrates   For timber and steel (max. 0.75 mm) substrates For all insulation boards For countersunk and surface fixed installation

Properties :
Fastener, consistent of a galvanized steel screw, included washer and EPS sealing plug. Countersunk Installation - EJOT STR principle with ejotherm STR cap for homogeneous surfaces and even rendering - quick and easy without milling dust No drilling necessary Surface fixed Installation using ejotherm STR plug Permanent contact pressure Premounted screw for quick installation 100% setting control: the countersunk Installation of the washer indicates safe anchorage

Technical specifications :
Screw diameter: 6 mm Washer diameter: 60 mm Screw-in depth: 30 - 40 mm Screw drive: TORX T25 Point thermal transmission χ: countersunk installation in timber substrates: 0.001 W/K surface fixed installation in timber substrates: 0.002 W/K Recommended use loads: Wood fibreboards (thickness ≥ 17.0 mm): 0.25 kN Chipboards (thickness ≥ 13.0 mm): 0.25 kN Gypsum fibreboards (thickness ≥ 12.5 mm): 0.15 kN OSB plates (thickness ≥ 16.0 mm): 0.25 kN Solid wood plates (thickness ≥ 27.0 mm): 0.25 kN The recommended use loads are calculated with a safety factor of 3. They may differ according to the object.

More information on : www.ejot.de

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