InoxTraka 7mm

Applications :
A reliable seal between pipe and pipe flashing For diameters from 150 mm onwards Order note Universal hose clamp consisting of tightener and universal cable tie. Length of universal cable tie ≥ pipe circumference + 50 mm.        

Technical specifications :
Tip back the hinged screw in the tightener, insert one end of the universal cable tie through the clamp lock and twist about 15 mm Place universal fastener strap around Dektite®, insert through the tightener and tighten by hand. Hinge the screw inwards and tighten as far as possible with a screwdriver.        

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SKU: 8200076300
Set (1 Spannschloss + 1 Spannband 100 cm)
SKU: 8200078300
Set (1 Spannschloss + 1 Spannband 200 cm)
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Set (1 Spannschloss + 1 Spannband 150 cm)
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