Battery powered nibbler ABLK 1.6 E

Applications :
Universal nibbler for trapezoidal and sinusoidal sheet as well as profiles and sheet metal Up to 1.6 mm Included in delivery 1 ABLK 1.6 E in plastic tool case 1 rapid charger ALG 50 2 battery packs (Li-Ion) 1 die-plate carrier for trapezoidal and sinusoidal sheet 1 punch 1 die

Properties :
Cutting performance 30 m in 0.8 mm trapezoidal profiled sheet with one battery 2.3 m/min cutting speed for outstanding work progress Variable cutting speed due to electronically adjustable number of strokes Short-term overlapping 2.6 mm Optimum handling due to extremely small gear head Over 1,000 recharge cycles per battery pack Light weight of only 2.1 kg QuickIN quick change system Rotating die for up to 30 % longer service life In 45° steps variable by 360° adjustable cutting direction due to no-tool rotatable die-plate support Proven MultiMaster Motor with outstanding performance and service life Low operating costs. Die and die-plate are exchanged independently.

Technical specifications :
Battery voltage: 14.4 V Battery capacity: 3.0 Ah Stroke rate: 1300 rpm Cutting speed: 1.5 m/min Weight acc. to EPTA: 2.0 kg Steel up to 400 N/mm²: 1.6 mm Steel up to 600 N/mm²: 1.0 mm Steel up to 800 N²mm²: 0.7 mm Nonferrous metal up to 250 N/mm²: 2.5 mm Cutting line width: 5 mm Dipping Ø with die: 22 mm Radius of he smallest curve (inside/outside) 30/35 mm

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