Battery powered nibbler ABLK 18 1.6 E Select

Applications :
Compact nibbler suitable for bends for roof and facade construction Precise cuts in trapezoidal and corrugated sheets as well as profiles

Properties :
Cutting performance 40 m in 0.8 mm trapezoidal profiled sheet with one battery  1.5 m/min cutting speed for outstanding work progress  Variable cutting speed due to electronically adjustable number of strokes Short-term overlapping 2.6 mm  Optimum handling due to extremely small gear head  Light weight QuickIN quick change system of plate and die Rotating die for up to 30 % longer service life  In 45° steps variable by 360° adjustable cutting direction due to no-tool rotatable die-plate support Proven MultiMaster Motor with outstanding performance and service life Low operating costs. Die and die-plate are exchanged independently

Technical specifications :
Battery voltage: 18 V Stroke rate: 1 300 rpm Cutting speed: 1.5 m/min Weight without battery: 1.6 kg Steel up to 400 N/mm²: 1.6 mm Steel up to 600 N/mm²: 1.0 mm Steel up to 800 N/mm²: 0.7 mm Nonferrous metal up to 250 N/mm²: 2.5 mm Cutting line width: 5 mm Dipping Ø with die 24 mm: 22 mm Radius of the smallest curve (inside/outside): 0/35 mm Battery pack: X

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