Cordless slitting shears ABBS 18 1.6 E Select

Applications :
Handy slitting shears, suitable for bends for metals and non-metals

Properties :
Fast work progress due to excellent view of the cut through open cutting head Left and right curved cut, as well as distortion-free cutting possible with just one continuous chip QuickIN quick-change system for fast, key-free blade change without adjustment Excellent ergonomics and low weight Motor with outstanding performance and service life Cutting blade with excellent service life Cutting capacity with one battery charge 120 m Clean swarf removal prevents scratching on the work piece and injuries

Technical specifications :
Battery voltage: 14.4V Stroke rate : 2 000 - 3 500 rpm Cutting speed: 5 - 8 m/min Steel up to 400 N/mm²: 1.6 mm Steel up to 600 N/mm²: 1.2 mm Steel up to 800 N/mm²: 0.8 mm Nonferrous metal up to 250 N/mm²: 2.0 mm Cutting width: 5.0 mm Radius of the smallest curve: 90 (30)¹ mm Imersion diameter: 15 (8)¹ mm Battery pack: X ¹ with curve knife

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Akku-Schlitzschere ABSS 18 1,6 E Select
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