EJOT® Stainless steel SAPHIR self-drilling screw JT4-FR-2H/6-4.8

Applications :
Fastener for ALUCOBOND® external wall cladding according to Z-33.2-6 We recommend the tapered special bit TORX® T25W-1/4"/Cx25 for force fit in the fastener head.        

Properties :
A2 stainless steel Fastener heads in ALUCOBOND® standard and special colours available (delivery time approx. 10 work days)   Advantages Centred drilling and simultaneous fastening of the boards to the substructure No pre-drilling of the substructre        

Technical specifications :
Drilling capacity tI + tII: 1.0 + 3.0 mm Drive: Hexalobular T25 Ø drill hole centring bush: 8.0 mm        

More information on : www.ejot.de

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