EJOT® ORKAN storm washer corrugated alu

Applications :
For crown fixing of corrugated profile sheet For crown fixing of sandwich panels

Properties :
For corrugated sheets Aluminium alloy in mill finish, coloured or stucco

Technical specifications :
All storm washers have a 7mm hole and should be used in conjunction with a fastener assembled with a bonded washer 15mm or 16mm O.D

More information on : www.ejot.de

ORKAN-Kalotte W30 Alu-blank
SKU: 3050030000
ORKAN-Kalotte W24 Alu-blank
SKU: 3047700110
ORKAN-Kalotte W24 Alu-blank VE100
SKU: 3077700110
ORKAN-Kalotte W48 Alu-blank
SKU: 3047400110