EJOT® Power-Bloc

Applications :
The EJOT Power-Bloc is foam-molded cuboid made of EPS with high mass density. The surrounding 20 mm grid specifies the precise saw cut.  

Properties :
El EJOT Power-Block es un ortoedro fabricado en EPS de alta densidad moldeado en espuma. Las marcas que hay cada 20 mm en el contorno indican las dimensiones exactas para el corte con sierra.   Dimensiones Dimensiones: 160 x 100 mm Superficie útil: 140 x 80 mm Longitud: 1000 mm Densidad: 140 kg/m³

Technical specifications :
Timber or sheet metal screws are suitable for the screw connection in the EJOT Power-Bloc as well as such with cylindrical thread and large pitch (frame screws).  

More information on : www.ejot.de

EJOT Power-Bloc 160x100x1000
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