EJOT® self-drilling screw FD42

Applications :
For fixing metal core and fittings to thickwalled and multi-ply PVC profiles and steel or aluminium reinforcements up to 4 mm thick.

Properties :
One type of screw for up to three applications Reduction of application errors Reliable fastening process Roll-sorted quality for automated fastening Case-hardened steel

Technical specifications :
Drilling capacity up to 4.0 mm Head diameter: 7.5 mm Drive: cross recess PH 2 Thread type: special thread

More information on : www.ejot.de

Bohrschraube FD42 3,9x32
SKU: 7260826607
Bohrschraube FD42 3,9x45
SKU: 7260828607
Bohrschraube FD42 3,9x19
SKU: 7260823607
Bohrschraube FD42 3,9x38
SKU: 7260827607
Bohrschraube FD42 3,9x25
SKU: 7260825607
Bohrschraube FD42 3,9x30
SKU: 7282823607
Bohrschraube FD42 3,9x22
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Bohrschraube FD42 3,9x16
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