EJOT® Trawik-Set F-C

Applications :
The EJOT Trawik-Set F (assembly area parallel to the facade) comprises black coloured, rot-proof and CFC-free PU rigid foam plastics (polyurethane) with a foamed steel plate for the friction-locked bolting with the substrate, on an aluminium plate for the bolting of the assembly object as well as a compact plate (HPL), which guarantees an optimum pressure distribution on the surface.  

Properties :
EJOT Trawik-Set F-C for the mechanical fastening in concrete Anchor: EJOT SDF-KB 10 V x 100 Drilling diameter: 10 mm min. drilling depth: 60 mm min. embedment depth: 50 mm Tool fitting: A/F13 / T40

Technical specifications :
EJOT Trawik-Set F is suitable for the thermal bridge reduced subcontracted assembly in external thermal insulation composite systems. EJOT Trawik-Set F has a limited UV resistance and does not need any protective coverings during the construction time, but when installed, it must be protected against weather conditions and UV radiation. Thermal bridge-reduced subcontracted assembly is possible, e.g. with:  

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EJOT Trawik-Set F 300-C
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EJOT Trawik-Set F 260-C
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EJOT Trawik-Set F 80-C
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