EJOT® frame anchor type RA-U

Applications :
Direct fastening of plastic and wooden windows in masonry and concrete, without any anchors Efficient spaced fixing of windows and doors Installation according to the RAL quality association guidelines for windows and doors

Properties :
Burglary resistant (RC2), tested on steel-free plastic windows Reduced forming moulding and exact fit due to perfect thread geometry Fast installation, reliable anchoring Case-hardened steel

Technical specifications :
Head diameter: 8.5 mm Drive: T30

More information on : www.ejot.de

Rahmenanker RA-U 7,5x100
SKU: 2261100601
Rahmenanker RA-U 7,5x150
SKU: 2261150601
Rahmenanker RA-U 7,5x60
SKU: 2261060601
Rahmenanker RA-U 7,5x70
SKU: 2261070601
Rahmenanker RA-U 7,5x40
SKU: 2261040601
Rahmenanker RA-U 7,5x180
SKU: 2261180601
Rahmenanker RA-U 7,5x120
SKU: 2261120601
Rahmenanker RA-U 7,5x80
SKU: 2261080601
Rahmenanker RA-U 7,5x135
SKU: 2261135601
Rahmenanker RA-U 7,5x210
SKU: 2261210601