EJOT® Window screw type S/A2

Applications :
Especially suited for fixing: tilt and turn fittings in regular and thin-walled PVC profiles and for automated fastening Also suited for fixing: locking plates, strips and bearings for reinforcing steel rods with pre-drilling (as specified)

Properties :
the classic screw for fittings, technically leading the way for no-compromises in quality for high installation safety even in thin-walled profiles with double-start thread and lean thread pitch for optimum stripping torques and pull-out values in PVC A2 stainless steel for high corrosion resistance

Technical specifications :
Head diameter: 7.3 mm Drive: Phillips PH 2 Thread type: double-start thread

More information on : www.ejot.de

Fensterbohrschraube S/A2 4,2x35
SKU: 2223435300
Fensterbohrschraube S/A2 4,2x16
SKU: 2223416300
Fensterbohrschraube S/A2 4,2x25
SKU: 2223425300