EJOT® E sealing washer

Applications :
Waterproofing Improve the static and dynamic values

Properties :
A2 stainless steel 1 mm metal back Bonded EPDM Excellent weather and UV resistance

Technical specifications :
Pre-assembled FZD bonded washer + A2 stainless steel spreader washer

More information on : www.ejot.de

Dichtscheibe E11
SKU: 3010092300
Dichtscheibe E22
SKU: 3010013300
Dichtscheibe E14
SKU: 3010077300
Dichtscheibe E16
SKU: 3010067300
Dichtscheibe E29
SKU: 3010015300
Dichtscheibe E19
SKU: 3010066300