EJOT® ejotherm STR U

Applications :
Universal screw-in anchor for countersunk and surface fixed installation in concrete and masonry   For all substrates (A, B, C, D, E) For all insulation boards For countersunk and surface fixed instalaltion For homogeneous surfaces and even rendering With European Technical Approval (ETA)        

Properties :
Approved for all building materials Countersunk installation - EJOT STR principle with ejotherm STR cap for homogeneous surfaces and even rendering - quick and easy without milling dust Surface fixed installation using ejotherm STR plug Short embedment depths, high loads for maximum safety and economic anchor usage Permanent contact pressure Premounted screw for quick installation 100% setting control: the countersunk installation of the washer indicates safe anchorage        

Technical specifications :
Anchor diameter: 8 mm Washer diameter: 60 mm Drill hole depth, countersunk installation h1 ≥: 50 mm (90 mm) Drill hole depth, surface fixed installation h2 ≥: 35 mm (75 mm) Anchorage depth hef≥: 25 mm (65 mm) Screw drive: TORX T30 Point thermal transmission χ  countersunk installation: 0,002 W/K surface fixed installation: 0,002 W/K Use categories acc. to ETA*: A, B, C, D, E German DIBt approval: Z-21.2-1769 European Technical Approval: ETA-04/0023 Values in parentheses: anchoring in aerated concrete (use category E) *Specification according to ÖNORM B 6124 for concrete, solid brick and vertical brick Characteristic loads: Building material class A: Normal weight concrete C 12/15 acc. to EN 206-1: 1.5 kN Normal weight concrete C 16/20 - C 50/60 acc. to EN 206-1: 1.5 kN Pre-cast concrete panel C16/20 - C50/60: 1.5 kN Building material class B: Clay bricks (Mz) acc. to DIN 105: 1.5 kN Solid lime sandstone (KS) acc. to DIN EN 106: 1.5 kN Solid masonry of lightweight concrete (V) acc. to DIN 18152: 0.6 kN Building material class C: Vertically perforated clay bricks (Hlz) acc. to 105: 1.2 kN Vertical coring reference bricks (Hlz) acc. to ÖNORM B 6124: 0.75 kN Sand-lime perforated (KSL) acc. to EN 106: 1.5 kN Lightweight concrete hollow blocks (HbL)acc. to DIN 18151: 0.6 kN Baustoffklasse D: Lightweight aggregate concrete (LAC): 0.9 kN Building material class E: Autoclaved aerated concrete P2 - P7: 0.75 kN For calculation of design loads the national safety factors have to be included (e.g. Germany: 3). Please observe the approval.        

More information on : www.ejot.de

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