EJOT® ejotherm SDK U

Applications :
Fastening of rail-systems Screw-in anchor for rails For fixing holding and base rails Approved for all categories of building materials        

Properties :
Approved for all categories of building materials Shortest embedment depths, minimum drill hole depths Highest loads for maximum safety Economic anchor usage Premounted screw for quick installation To compensate facade tolerances use spacers EJOT AS        

Technical specifications :
Anchor diameter: 8 mm Collar diameter:16 mm Drill hole depth h1 >: 35 mm (75 mm) Embedment depth hef >: 25 mm (65 mm) Screw drive: TORX T30 Use categories acc. to ETA: A, B, C, D German DIBt approval: Z-21.2-1769 European Technical Approval: ETA-04/0023 Values in parentheses: anchoring in aerated concrete (use category E)        

More information on : www.ejot.de

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