ISO-Zell PE Tape

Applications :
ISO-ZELL PE-Tape and Fix-Tape are especially suitable for sealing vibration control insulation cushioning Due to these special product properties ISO-ZELL PE-Tape and Fix-Tape are very versatile, e.g. in the following areas Trapezoidal metal sheets and metal structures Solid, timber and prefabricated building constructions Window construction Dry wall and partitioning Air conditioning and ventilation systems Domestic appliances Wagon and container construction Machine and equipment manufacturing

Properties :
Flexible Fine pored Water repellent High ageing resistance Environmentally friendly - chemically neutral

Technical specifications :
ISO-ZELL PE-Tape and ISO_ZELL Fix-Tape are versatile sealing and pad tapes suitable for many assembly situations. These closed celled polyethylene foam tapes with their self-adhesive coating, are characterised by a fine cellular structure and particularly by their flexibility. These properties and a continuously high quality, allow efficient and reliable solutions for a wide spectrum of industry and building applications.

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ISO-ZELL 3 x 50
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ISO-ZELL 2 x 20
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ISO-ZELL 3 x 30
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