MOLA dry wall anchor

Applications :
Solid metal anchor with arms spreading out and resting firmly on the back of the plate Suitable for fastening heavier loads according to the characteristics of the plate material Suitable for areas where fire resistance is required

Properties :
The attached part can be removed and replaced by loosening the screw Attach the anchor using a screwdriver or with the Mola special gripper (Art. No.: 9 650 079 101) For dry indoor areas and outdoor areas for limited periods.

Technical specifications :
MOLA 6/13 Drill hole diameter do: 12 mm Max. clamp thickness Tfix: 13 mm MOLA 6/26 Drill hole diameter do: 12 mm Max. clamp thickness Tfix: 21 mm

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MOLA 6/26
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MOLA 6/13
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