EJOT® blind rivet Blind rivet K14-AI/E

Applications :
For fastening to steel and aluminium substructures To form floating points on aluminium substructures        

Properties :
Rivet body made of aluminium (Al) Mandrel made of stainless steel (E) Captive locked        

More information on : www.ejot.de

Blindniet K14-AL/E-5,0x14,0
SKU: 9350213000
Blindniet K14-AL/E-5,0x18,0
SKU: 9350207000
Blindniet K14-AL/E-5,0x8,0
SKU: 9350201000
Blindniet K14-AL/E-5,0x10,0
SKU: 9350202000
Blindniet K14-AL/E-5,0x16,0
SKU: 9350239000
Blindniet K14-AL/E-5,0x12,0
SKU: 9350203000